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When you become a part of the Fitness Revolution community you will achieve truly amazing results…

  • Burn fat 7-9 times faster than ordinary exercise programs
  • Tighten and tone those stubborn fat areas
  • Build strong muscles and get a sexy body
  • Gain self-confidence and see yourself in a new, positive light
  • Set a good example for your children and inspire them to be healthy and fit
  • Make new, supportive friends who are on the same journey as you
  • Learn how easy and fun maintaining your new fit body is


Just take a look at what people JUST LIKE YOU have done since joining Fitness Revolution…

I used to be a trainer and this work out gives you everything. Cardio and strengh plus it is not a huge time commitment. I am in the best shape I have been in since my training days and owe it to the boot camp.- Jen


I love Fitness Revolution. The workouts are intense but empowering. I’m ready to take on the world. When I worked out at a gym or by myself, I never pushed myself as hard as I do at Rock’N Body. I leave each workout feeling like I really accomplished something. Erin and Jim are great. They give a lot of very positive feedback that keeps you wanting to come back for the next workout; with just the right amount of push to help you do things you didn’t think you could. It’s also inspiring to see the progress of other campers. It let’s you know that the program works if you stick with it.- Heidi



Theresa aka “Dallas” – Hartland, WI


This boot camp has been an awesome experience for me. I have lost over 20 pounds to date, and have no intentions of slowing down. They are very supportive and encouraging during the training sessions. I would highly recommend this training to everyone!- Bob


Sam lost 5″ from her waist, 3″ from her hips, 3″ from her thighs, and also lost 30lbs in just 12 weeks! And by the smile on her face in the picture… this was much more than just a physical transformation!



Lori lost over 17 inches and 32lbs off her body in just 12 weeks. One of our hardest working campers…proves hard work pays!


Kim lost over 9 inches and almost 19lbs in 12 weeks. Her last boot camp just got her tired…we got her results!

As you can see, we work with ordinary people who get extraordinary results.

Isn’t it time you achieve your fitness goals?

Fitness Revolution is based on proven science and great coaches.  We’re ready to help you achieve your goals, and we’re excited to show you how!

Come see how Fitness Revolution will be your final fitness solution.  Take us up on our FREE TRIAL offer today…
I look forward to seeing your “after” pictures and reading your inspirational success story real soon!





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